The Genzlinger Supply Chain Management (SCM) system is a comprehensive, easy-to-use series of applications that provide an extremely fast distribution of data from the customer’s EDI release, through master scheduling, through material and capacity planning, through purchasing, to the supplier’s EDI release.

It is this rapid SCM planning cycle that allows the small to medium sized repetitive manufacturer with continuous or lot sized manufacturing and purchasing requirements to compete successfully in a just-in-time world.




Customer EDI:

Provides unattended operation for receiving releases.

Handles all X.12 and EDIFACT transaction sets required by over 60 automotive and appliance industry manufacturers.

Processes sequence broadcast, pay as built and dealer direct transmissions.

Release/Shipment Communications (RSC):

Converts all releases into a standard formatted customer demand database.

Allows manual entry and maintenance on releases.

Prints releases in a variety of formats.

Generates packing slips from releases and allows manual and bar code scanned adjustments to reflect actual shipments.

Prints bills of lading, export papers and bar coded and human readable shipping labels.

Maintains shipping history.

Customer Order Processing (COP):

Accepts aftermarket and others discrete customer orders and passes them to MPS.

Receives dealer direct releases from RSC, processes them for shipment and passes shipment and invoicing information back to RSC.

Master Production Scheduling (MPS):

Gathers all independent demand from RSC, COP and forecasts into one master schedule.

Allows extensive manipulation of draft master schedules including netting, rolling, lot sizing and adjusting for scrap.

Includes comparisons between current release and prior release or forecast.

Includes forecasting with seasonal and economic trending.

Includes rough-cut capacity planning.

Includes sales ($) forecasts.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP):

Explodes the MPS into requirements for sub-assemblies and component parts, while adjusting for safety stock, work-in-process and raw material inventory, scrap, lot sizing and time-phasing as needed.

Provides an easy-to-use procedure for fine-tuning production and purchasing schedules.

Provides production schedules, fine-cut capacity plans, daily work orders and pegging reports which are updated by current inventory transaction each time they are generated.

Allows separate shop calendars for each work center.

Purchasing (POP):

Generates supplier releases directly from the MRP schedule.

Provides a unique planning screen that compares last weeks release to the new MRP recommendation and allows for easy adjustment on an exception basis.

Inputs receivers, from bar code scanning, that update inventory and accrue costs.

Includes a complete inspection and reject disposition system.

Includes a complete supplier performance system.

Supplier EDI:

Sends supplier releases in several formats, using EDI or auto-faxing for just-in-time processing.

Receives advanced shipment notices for updating in-transit inventory and creating preliminary receiving documents.

Integration with Companion Applications:

Provides full integration with product data management (IM, BM and RT), factory data management (on-line production, inventory and lot-tracking), bar code printing and data collection, and Solomon IV Accounting.


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