Genzlinger’s Routing (RT) application maintains the product routing file and prints process sheets in a number of optional formats. The Routing file along with the Item Master File and the Bill of Material completely describes the way finished products, sub-assemblies and fabricated parts were, are and will be manufactured.


Maintains routing, department, work center, machine and labor type files.

Prints process and operation data sheets including unlimited descriptions.

Maintains production standards for use in:

  1. Standard Costing:

    - to generate this level standard costs by operation and by part.

    - to calculate labor, machine and overhead costs.

  2. Production Activity Reporting:

    - to compute labor and machine efficiencies.

    - to manage scrap.

  3. Inventory Management:

    - to maintain and evaluate WIP inventory and Scrap by operation.

  4. Material Requirement Planning:

    - to provide lead times and scrap factors by operation.

    - to schedule production for controlled operations.

Maintains full descriptions of operations including:

  1. Department, work center, work type, short descriptions, machine and tool information.
  2. Set-up, machine and operator (or accounting and manufacturing) hour and dollar standards.
  3. Lead times and scrap factors.
  4. Unlimited text to describe materials, machines, tools, set-up, processes, inspections, etc.

Provides Engineering Revision Control with operation cut-in/cut-out dates.

Supports standard operations and same-as-except routing file maintenance.


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