The Genzlinger Factory Data Collection application (FDC) is an efficient and cost effective alternative to keyboard data entry. It gathers information directly from within the plant, validates the data as it is entered and posts it to the appropriate Genzlinger Repetitive Manufacturing System (GRMS) files.

FDC automates collection of:




Genzlinger Factory Data Collection Application Provides Unsurpassed Integration

Data Collection Devices:

Uses Intermec and other radio frequency, portable and wall-mounted bar code devices with either a scanning wand or gun. Uploading data can be fully automatic and on-line or as simple as connecting the hand held device to a communications "dock". Also available are badge readers and a variety of counting scales.

Stores several thousand transactions when the network goes down.

The Data Collection Network:

Utilizes radio frequency transmission, NT networks or proprietary Intermec networks.

Stores data in the collection devices if the GRMS host is unavailable; then uploads automatically when a connection is re-established.

Transfers data to/from devices using a robust communications protocol which ensures reliable, error-free transmissions. All data is stored in the GRMS file system before being released in the collection device.

Requires very low overhead from the host system.

Shipping Data Collection:

Captures shipping information for packing slips, EDI ASN’s, shipping history and inventory control.

Supports many shipping label formats, including those for most companies requiring serial number information in their ASN’s.

Offers system options for maximum checking (scanning most fields on each shipping bar code label), or for maximum speed (scanning just a master label); or for some mix in between.

Scan only the serial number if label was printed with GRMS software.

Production and Scrap Data Collection:

Utilizes AIAG compliant label format for reading customer part number, quantity and serial number.

Creates transactions for production, scrap and transfers.

Offers a counting scale feature with the count electronically read from a scale device and put into the transaction.

Builds transactions automatically with as few as four simple scans: function, part numbers, quantity, user badge.

Cycle Counting Data Collection:

Provides additional transaction sets for physical inventories and cycle counting. Cycle counting data is automatically uploaded and turned into the appropriate adjustment transactions.

Lot and Serial Number Data Collection:

Lot records can be created as byproducts of receiving and production transactions.

Lot consumption transactions are scanned as components are moved to the line.

Serial number transactions are scanned as finished parts are produced.

Purchased Material Receiving Data Collection:

Collects received material data which is keyed or scanned from the bar code label on the package.

Posts this data to the correct purchase order, inventory location and GL accrual accounts.

Bar Code Printing in GRMS:

Supports many label formats; additional formats are easily added. AIAG compliant labels are featured.

Operates in batch mode (pre-printing many labels for a given part number) or in demand mode (printing the labels needed for the next production or shipment).

Supports several types of barcode printers, including: dot-matrix, thermal transfer and laser printers.

Related GRMS Applications:

Integrates with the following GRMS applications: Release/Shipment Communications, Inventory Management, Standard Costing, Lot Tracking, Purchasing and Bar Code Labeling.


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