Our corporate mission is to develop software that repetitive manufacturers, specifically automotive and truck suppliers, implement to achieve and maintain world class status.   Genzlinger products and support services help our clients improve the operation and management of the entire enterprise, the individual manufacturing facility, the department, and the individual. 

The Genzlinger software provides a single integrated solution for EDI, ERP and data collection (bar code label scanning).  Product focus is on the Genzlinger Release/Shipment Communications (RSC/EDI) software and the Genzlinger Repetitive Manufacturing System (GRMS). 

Our service focus is on implementation assistance, consulting, education and training, hotline support, custom programming and systems integration services.  This full range of client support services assures that our software is installed and working quickly to leverage enterprise growth opportunities and remove threats to sustained success. 

Company Background 

Genzlinger Associates was incorporated in 1971 as a custom programming shop.  After extensive experience customizing poorly fitting software to support the needs of automotive suppliers, we began to design and develop our own packaged EDI and ERP solutions.  Genzlinger continually expands the functionality and flexibility of our software, providing one of the highest value solutions to small and medium size manufacturers.

 Genzlinger is an employee-owned company.  Our corporate culture is built on the highest standards of integrity, quality and service to our customers.


Genzlinger Earns Intermec Honours Partner Status

Genzlinger is pleased to announce that we have earned Honours Partner status with Intermec.  Honours status is awarded to Intermec resellers who demonstrate “superior software and integration capabilities” in the area of Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC) technologies. In conjunction with the Genzlinger scanning applications for Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory & Cycle Counting, which are fully integrated within our GRMS software, , Genzlinger sells Intermec’s product line of radio frequency access points, scanners and bar code label printers.

 Genzlinger manages the entire process of the Intermec site survey, equipment acquisition, Intermec installation, and GRMS configuration and training for our clients.


Automotive EDI

 Genzlinger knows automotive EDI.  Our EDI software, Release/Shipment Communications, supports over 70 OEM and Tier 1 EDI specifications, including those of General Motors, Ford Motor Company, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Delphi, and Visteon.  Within each of these OEM and Tier 1 organizations, we support the variety of EDI specifications of their assembly plants, service parts divisions, dealer direct operations, and second stage manufacturing areas.  Click here for a checklist to size up your automotive EDI requirements.






Genzlinger Software 

The Genzlinger Repetitive Manufacturing System (GRMS) is a fully integrated solution for suppliers to automotive, truck and appliance OEMs seeking a complete information system to drive improvement in business performance.

 GRMS includes:

·  SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT starting with Customer EDI and flowing directly through Master Production Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning and Purchasing to Supplier EDI, and then back through the enterprise as suppliers fulfill material and product requirements


· PRODUCT DATA MANAGEMENT to maintain inventory, routing, bill of material and standard cost data on your products and processes throughout their life cycle


·  FACTORY DATA MANAGEMENT for real time data collection of shipping, receiving and all other inventory movement with engineering revision control, lot/serial tracking, machine utilization and efficiency reporting


·  FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT using Solomon IV Financials


· ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT with a series of charts measuring performance against plan


 Genzlinger offers a wide range of customer support services for effective GRMS implementations.  These services include:

·       Installation and training to support the client’s user base in starting with a new software solution

·       Consulting, problem solving, and education programs to increase the benefits GRMS delivers in areas such as inventory level reduction, overtime and premium freight reduction, and quality improvement

·       Hotline and onsite assistance to answer GRMS application questions and issues

·       Ongoing enhancements to the software and support services

·       Custom programming to extend GRMS for client specific needs

·       System integration services to integrate GRMS with other important information system applications such as PLCs, Financial Modeling, Human Resources, and CAD



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